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NOTE: If you are trying to apply to the Post-Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction or Pastoral Thanatology OR the Post-DMin in Leadership, Spiritual Formation, or Non-Profit Organizational Leadership, you must complete a different application, which you can find here.
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Application Fee
Applicants from outside Canada and the United States must submit a fee of $150 in order for the admissions application to be processed. The fee to apply to Tyndale University is non-refundable, will not be applied to tuition costs, and should be submitted in Canadian currency. The fee may be paid online at If you wish to pay the fee by wire transfer he or she should contact Student Financial Services by calling 416.226.6620, ext. 6735, or 1.877.TYNDALE, ext. 6735, or by email at
Faith Community Information
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Year, Term and Program Selection

Education History

  • Graduate programs for credit, require that have completed a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.
  • Those wishing to Audit (non-credit) must list their most recently completed educational level, but may apply to audit Graduate programs, regardless of educational level previously achieved.
Please list the institution where you last graduated.
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Community Standards
Please read the following conditions carefully: In accepting an offer of admission to Tyndale University, I understand the regulations and community standards set by Tyndale.

Tyndale Students' Community Standards Statement 

This statement articulates standards for appropriate personal and communal conduct for students of Tyndale. Students of Tyndale University are part of a Christian community, individually and collectively dedicated to pursuing education marked by open, rigorous and critical inquiry while maintaining patterns of belief and behaviour that foster a distinctively Christian learning environment. As voluntary members of this community, we covenant with God and one another to enter into a life of discipleship with the intention of fostering a grace-filled community that honours God in its actions, attitudes and beliefs. As imitators of Christ, we strive for personal transformation of character that is marked by the fruit of the Spirit that is love, joy, peace, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22) and advocacy for peace and justice. In keeping with the institution’s mission and Statement of Faith, we agree to uphold and observe the following standards at all times, on and off campus, while studying at Tyndale.

Students of Tyndale University will participate regularly in the life of the local church in order to benefit from the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the communal wisdom of the people of God manifest in such communities.

In keeping with its distinctly evangelical Christian character, Tyndale recognizes certain practices, and the promotion of such, as biblically unacceptable. While recognizing that periodic and unfortunate occasions of failure and sin occur in the course of the Christian life, we also recognize that unrepentant and persistent unacceptable behaviours have a debilitating impact on oneself and the community. Students of Tyndale University thus will refrain from practices that are prohibited by Christian scriptures, including but not limited to the use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs, drunkenness, dishonest practices including plagiarism, theft or fraud, the promotion of religious beliefs incompatible with Christian faith, engagement with pornography, breech of trust or confidence, gambling, profane and obscene speech, violent or abusive behaviour, and harassment of any kind. The Tyndale community accepts, in submission to our understanding of Christian scriptures, an understanding of marriage as an exclusive, lifelong partnership of love and faithfulness between a man and a woman, formalized in a legally sanctioned Christian marriage. Students of Tyndale University will follow the biblical teaching that such a marriage is the exclusive context for sexual intimacy.

These standards of conduct are considered pertinent to the preservation and promotion of the distinctly evangelical Christian character of Tyndale and the health of our Christian community. Students who voluntarily study in this community are expected to honour these standards and to refrain from any conduct that would be inconsistent with them.

By virtue of admission to Tyndale University, Tyndale students understand the regulations and community standards set by Tyndale. Tyndale students also understand its ethos and purpose as stated in the Academic Calendar.
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